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Driver's Code of Conduct

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No Smoking is allowed in or around any vehicle belonging to the company.

No drinking of alcohol prior to driving for Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. or whilst in charge of, or carrying out work on behalf of the company.

Drivers should arrive at head office at least an hour prior to carrying out a transfer for the company.

Drivers should arrive at their assigned pickup point at least 15 minutes prior to the actual pick-up time.

All Drivers must complete a Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. Pre-Vehicle check before carrying out a transfer on behalf of the company.

Drivers are required to keep accurate mileage records of vehicles.

Drivers must not deviate from the Management-agreed rates for transfers without prior consent.

Drivers must be dressed in formal attire to carry out work on behalf of the company (e.g. Suits, Shirt & Tie- No Jeans, shorts, tee shirts, earrings or excessive amounts of jewelry are allowed.)

No bad language should be used whilst carrying passengers on behalf of the company.

Drivers must be courteous to passengers at all times.

In the event of a dispute with a passenger, contact Management immediately.

The vehicle is not to be used for the transport of any individual (s) who are not paying without the expressed permission of authorized office personnel.

Vehicles may not be used for personal business without the expressed permission of  Management.

Every Driver is required to keep assigned cellular phones fully charged at all times and on 24 hours a day if so required.

Drivers are to report immediately to the office any accidents in which the vehicle may be involved.

Drivers are to drive passengers to their required destination safely and in a timely manner, maintaining a professional demeanor at all times.

Drivers must check gasoline, oil, water and tires and have vehicles filled as required.

Report any damage or malfunction of equipment to Management Immediately.

Prior to a transfer the Driver is required to make sure that the vehicle is clean, with soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, any special drink requirements, and ice.

All Drivers must produce a Valid Drivers License to the company on a yearly basis.

Any Driver deviating from the above Drivers Code of Conduct will be dismissed forthwith.

In the event of an accident being the fault of the Driver, payment of the repairs shall be the full responsibility of the Driver.


I have read the above Code of Conduct and agree to all the conditions set out therein. I agree to work on behalf of Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. under the above Drivers Code of Conduct.


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