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Company Policies / Service Contract

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Right to change reserved


Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. reserves the right to alter this policy statement and conditions for use or any part thereof at any time without giving prior notice to anyone. 

Terms & Conditions


Everyone wishing to book a vehicle must telephone (246) 266-8520 / (246) 421-9733, do so online or email and advise the relevant details including date, time and duration for the event. Tanzanite Limos' staff will check the booking and advise the customer on the booking status within 24 hrs of the booking.

Agreed Price, Deposits Cancellation and Balances for Goods & Services


Payment is fully due in cash two weeks prior to departure: failure to do so will result in termination of the contract. This does not apply to account customers, who will settle their accounts within the agreed terms.


Agreed Price

The agreed price is the amount agreed between Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. and you the client, based on and is limited to the instructions given as set out in the requirements. Changes following on from this booking that you may want/like to make will be subject to our ability to accommodate those changes and may be subject to further cost(s).



All deposits are non-refundable except in the case where we cannot fulfill our obligation to you due to the fault/error of overbooking which may occur on  our part. All bookings made are confirmed by way of an advance deposit and a late fee may be pre-charged in some special event cases which will only be refundable providing that you the client adhere to the agreed time schedules . Normally, a deposit of 50% of the Quoted and Agreed Price is required on all saloons and stretch limousines for all weddings, special events and transfers.



Should you cancel within 14 (fourteen) days of the date the vehicle(s) is/are required  the deposit will be deemed non-refundable. In the event the booking is cancelled within 96 hours (four days) of the date the vehicle(s) is/are required you the customer will be charged 100% of the balance owed. Where a booking is made for a wedding or other special event(s) this will mean that the period where the whole balance will become due will be extended to 28 (twenty eight) days.



Under normal circumstances balances due are payable at the time and place of the first pick-up. Alternatively, you may pay the balance in advance at Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. office in cash or by cheque or by mailing a cheque for the balance due allowing enough time (minimum of 7 (seven) days) for the cheque to be cleared to ensure cleared funds are deposited to our account prior to the requirements being carried out by us. Personal or business cheques or drafts or foreign currency are not acceptable as final payment on the day of the requirement unless prior consent by a manager from Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. has been given. Balances settled in advance using a credit card/charge card or other electronic transfer would be subject to a surcharge of 5% (five percent) of each transaction amount.


Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. reserves the right to terminate any hire for services that may extends beyond the pre-agreed duration / end time known as overtime caused by the fault of you the client. Hire terminated under such condition/conditions will result in the full pre-agreed price payable by you the client for your in-adherence to the contracted/agreed time schedules. Duration of hire as stated on the contract or may otherwise be agreed to will/must be adhered to, additional hire will be charged for overtime and be payable to the chauffeur immediately for all cash customers except in the case where you have prepaid a late fee which will then be forfeited as an overtime charge. Overtime charges begin immediately following the end of the pre-agreed Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. contract end time as set out in the box titled requirements ends or where-ever else it may otherwise be stated. Under this agreement the overtime rate per hour or part thereof shall be as that as is noted in the box titled per vehicle overtime rate and if be not so stated the rate shall be at the then current prevailing hourly fares of the vehicle hired for the event date. Overtime is not a given and any waiver/non-waiver of such will be solely at the discretion/arbitration of the management of Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc.. Built into each booking is 15 minutes grace to you the client. If you have not contacted us within 15 minutes of your booking commencing then your chauffeur will leave and you will be charged the full amount of the booking.

Grace Period: Hire Schedules

Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. reserves the right to cancel any hire should weather conditions render the travel unsafe. Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. strives always to be at all pickup point(s) 15 (fifteen) minutes in advance of the time(s) agreed. However, there may be causes that may from time to time occasionally prevent us from meeting these aims such as inclement weather; road traffic accidents; road resurfacing and such like events outside our control. Reasonably therefore we need to have under these circumstances to build into our schedule(s) a period of up to 30 (thirty) minutes grace. In any event a grace period is invoked, in whole or in part, the time of adjusted time(s) will be made up during or after the period of hire, schedules permitting.

Damages, Vehicle Care & Safety

1. Damage caused to the vehicle by the occupants will be charged by the hirer. Damages, subsequently cost(s) of repair(s) of such damage(s) to the limousine(s) hired as used by you the client and/or your guests howsoever caused is your responsibility. Additionally, in the event that one of the party is sick in the limousine we will charge US$150.00 to make good the vehicle. Where the booking was secured using a credit/charge-card you the client here agree that we may deduct from that card damages as they have arisen. In the event that a credit/charge-card was not used for securing the booking we will invoice you directly should the additional payment(s) not be made on the night.

. Nothing may be placed on the external body of the vehicle that may cause damage to the "paint work" of the vehicle


3. All vehicles are non-smoking.


4. Feet will remain on the floor at all times, the placement of feet on any part of the vehicle fixtures and fittings will sanction immediate termination of the hire.


5. All windows and doors of the vehicle will remain closed for safety purposes.


6. The Vehicle and Chauffeur will be treated with consideration; failure to do so will result in immediate termination of the contract.


7. All Limousines are legally insured for the carriage of individuals in the vehicle irrespective  of age and the vehicle will not be overloaded. Maximum passenger loads as specified by the transport authority are 7 (seven) passengers for 120 stretch limousines,  4 (four) for sedans and 10 (ten) for minibus with wheelchair lift.


8. The Chauffeur will load/unload luggage in the boot of the vehicle



Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. makes every effort to maintain its fleet as often and as thoroughly as it possibly can, Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. has therefore made all reasonable efforts to ensure that the limousine(s) is/are in the best and most reliable condition and are thereby fit for the purpose of use. In such event should a mechanical breakdown occur outside its control Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. cannot therefore be responsible for mechanical breakdown nor for the impact that those unforeseen event(s) might then or thereafter have.



1. A copy of authorization documentation for permission to take photos on "Private" properties shall be shown on final payment.


2. Please note this contract is constituted under the Trespass of Properties Act.


Vehicle Color

Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc. reserves the right to replace the color vehicle requested with a similar vehicle of another color if it so become necessary due to unforeseen circumstance or circumstances beyond our control. In which case the agreed price will remain the same and no refunds for transportation services will be issued.


Service Complaints

1. All complaints concerning completed/uncompleted service/services will be communicated in writing and addressed to The Complaints Department, Pamery Transport Inc. / Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. within a period of 7 (seven) days after the event was completed/scheduled to be completed. All complaints after this period of (7) days has elapsed will be disregarded.


2. Pamery Transport Inc. / Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. will endeavor to investigate and respond to your complaint/complaints within a reasonable minimum period of 7 (seven) days and not more than a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days after receiving it.


I understand and agree to all the above terms and conditions of carriage as stated above constituting this contract.


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Tanzanite Limousine Company Inc. / Pamery Transport Inc.

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